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USATF Junior Olympics 2018

1 USATF National Championship Title 4x400 (W)400h 2018 (W) 2nd

VHSL State Championships
55 Meters: 2018 (W) Runner Up
100 Meters: 2018 (W) 3rd, 5th and 7th
200 Meters: 2018 (W) 3rd, 7th, 8th
300 Meters: (W) 4th 400 Meters: (W) 2nd, 5th 500 Meters: (W) 2nd, 3rd 4x400-Meter Relay (W) 8th

All-America Awards

60H Meters: 2018 (W) 1st NATIONAL RECORD AAU 11-12 Girls
60 Meters: 2018 (W)
Triple Jump: 2016 (W) 3rd, 5th
400-Meter Hurdles: 2018 (W) 2nd, 2017 (W) 2nd 2016 (W) 5th
4x400-Meter Relay: 2018 (2 x W), 2017 (W), 2016 (W)

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Beula (Parent) -

My daughter has been training with MVP League for a little over a year and the overall level of improvement has been great. The program is not just focused on track but on building relationships as well and has a very holistic feel to it.”

Jo (Parent) -

“Only 6 months into the program and you could tell a difference in the last few months of her school year. Coach Maurice has a very high standard and is a great motivator. He gives each athlete exactly what they need to succeed.